Welcome To Loreto Eastleigh - St. Teresa's Girls Secondary School


Our New Hostel

The New Hostel ,Kindly Donated By the Loreto Sisters .It was completed in July 2015.



St. Teresa’s Girls Secondary School is located along Juja Road immediately after Mlango Kubwa chief’s office.  It is in the neighbourhood of Mathare slum and directly opposite St. Teresa’s Catholic Church.

The school is owned by the sponsors i.e  The Loreto sisters, Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary Kenya.  It stands on 14.308 Acres.

Currently the school has 3 streams with an enrolment of 460 students, 23 TSC Teachers, 5 BOM teachers and 17 support staff. The school prides itself of being an ICT centre.

The Board of Management initiated a boarding section in June 2012 with 65 Form 4 students.  Many were happy with this initiative of giving girls more quality time for studies.  Boarding minimizes time wastage, and eradicate absenteeism as well as truancy. 

The Loreto Sisters have since built a Hostel for the girls.  This hostel is exemplary; only 6 students sharing a cubicle. 

By September 2015, the school will be full boarding.  This will improve the academic performance and discipline of students as a whole.

The school is very active in co-curricular activities such as soccer, netball, basketball, athletics, drama and music. It presents items in drama and music up to the national level.  The same applies to girls’ soccer which has gone further to taking students to East and Central Africa championships.


School Vision 

To be a leading institution in providing holistic education to the girl child in Kenya.

School Mission 

To provide a holistic education that empowers the girl child to become a responsible citizen.


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